“Pizza is one of the three main food groups…..”

The other two food groups are beer and more pizza so Flour and Flame have created a wood fired pizza oven in a vintage horse box to combine all the food groups into a glorious trifecta of tasty treats.

We are from Exeter and make our wood fired pizza across the south west at weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals and anywhere people need proper pizza. To book us go to contact us, say hello and start a conversation about your event.

Our wood fired pizzas are a Neapolitan style, the charred crust is chewy and addictive especially when covered in aoili. It is important for us to provide the highest quality and showcase the best of the south west. That means everything is made from scratch with locally and sustainably sourced ingredients, including the wood that is used to fire the ovens. Our bottled beer and cider is supplied by Branscombe Brewery.