We would rather leave things in a better state than when we found them. Not only your hungry bellies full of pizza but also making a concerted effort to constantly evolve our practices for the positive.
Unfortunately pizza is not a human right. The reality is that it is a treat. We are providing a service that is a bit yummy and a little indulgent so we would like our treats to be guilt free when it comes to the subject of sustainability. Therefore we have highlighted the following sections of our business in which it is too easy to create a negative impact on our surroundings when we could have a positive one.

Suppliers and Produce: Where you spend your money has an effect on the direction of consumption in the future so we buy from suppliers who offer sustainable, organic produce and are as local to us as possible.

Energy: We don’t need a lot of energy to power the wagon and can run almost completely off grid. The little power we do need currently comes from a tiny generator but we are hoping to install solar so we can use the suns rays to power our fridge, lights and fridge.

Environment: We burn wood to heat the oven which means we have to replace the trees that we consume. This will ensure that there are trees in the future, but also to help offset the carbon emitted during the burning. We will be running events every year to raise money for Moor Trees who plant trees in Devon that are native to our local landscape.

Waste: We work with our suppliers to eliminate plastic from deliveries by asking them to find alternatives or just not use it where possible. We also don’t buy products if we know they have plastic all over them for no reason. Supermarkets and suppliers are currently doing a lot research into other methods of food packaging, storage and transportation that use non-plastic products that can be reused, recycled or degrade once used. We only offer recyclable or bio degradable consumable products such as wooden cutlery or recycled cardboard pizza boxes and napkins. You will never find a small portion of sauce or plastic anything at one of our stalls. Very little gets put in the ground (apart from the compost). Most things can be be recycled, reused or turned into something else. We compost all food waste from the kitchen and turn it into vegetables.
We realise that our practices will need to constantly evolve as we grow and as we gain a better understanding of our surroundings and the industry. If we start in the right place then hopefully we can help to develop a better standard for everybody.

The Horsebox

Our trailer is a vintage Rice horsebox which had served is purpose in the equine world so we have helped to restore it and made it into something just as useful and pretty damn good looking if we don’t say so ourselves.

The oven is regularly above 400C and holds three 12 inch pizzas at a time. Each pizza takes between 1 and 2 minutes to cook.

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